Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Olio con sapiente arte spremuto
Dal puro frutto degli annosi olivi,
Che cantan -pace! -in lor linguaggio muto
Degli umbri colli pei solenti clivi,
Chiaro assai più liquido cristallo,
Fragrante quale oriental unguento,
Puro come la fè che nel metallo
Concavo t’arde sull’altar d’argento,
Le tue rare virtù non furo ignote
Alle mense d’Orazio e di Varrone
Che non sdegnàr cantarti in loro note…Gabriele D’Annunzio
Podere Capaini’s organic extra virgin olive oil is obtained by cold extraction,our young olives have alwas lived within a biological system,witness the flights of ladybugs and freflies , lizards and earthworms …A Juice of oil, land … and  sky.
We ‘almost embarrassing to list the significant properties of olive oil, but also we will do:
  •      Rich in vitamins K, A, E, D, of carotenoidie of phenolic compounds, protects against liberie radicals against skin aging; it seems that polyphenols presentifavoriscano the elimination of cancer cells.
  •      It has anti-inflammatory action and stimulating organs: increases the production of bile, helps the pancreas to produce more digestive enzymes, has a positive effect on the gall bladder, and gastric mucosa.
  •     And ‘recommended in case of ulcers and gastritis • Protects the entire cardiac system, lowers cholesterol, prevents atherosclerosis
  •       It protects skin changes
  •      It has a mild laxative effect. Remember also, that the fat-soluble viatamine vegetables are absorbed by the body only in the presence of oil.


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