At the table with Leonardo Da Vinci


Cook and taste Renaissance cuisine through traditional Tuscan ingredients with Alberto!


My name is Alberto Cavoli, born in 1982, born and growth  in the province of Florence.

Passionate about cooking since I was a child, I attended my first amateur course at the age of 28, where I learned the basic techniques for making fresh pasta, meat stews and pastries. This experience pushes me to practice in my free time as a self-taught person by studying and following TV programs with professional Chefs. I subsequently took part in a professional cooking course at the Cordon Bleau School in Florence, training on French preparations such as mother sauces, cooking stocks, and glazes for meat and fish.

In 2020 I ranked in the top 5 positions of a contest launched by the 2 Michelin star San Domenico restaurant in Imola with a recipe for stuffed pasta with duck ragout; I also participate in the Masterchef Italia selections, and placing  among the top 100 out of 20,000 participants.

In 2021 I discovered, thanks to official research , that I am descended from the Master Leonardo Da Vinci, that’s why  why I am so interested  to learn Renaissance cuisine by using and experimenting the  recipes with the ingredients used in the 16th century

Finally in 2022 after countless experiences in Tuscan restaurants, I dedicate myself mainly to Renaissance cuisine using simple and easy-to-find ingredients to create tasty and contemporary dishes!

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